Vision for Humanity – Key Shifts

Please consider the possibility that there is only one key shift necessary to bring about A Successful Planet – that being a global paradigm shift in thinking and planning. A shift from unconsciously creating (an equation of decrease) to creating consciously (as in the equation of Increase)





Glossary of terms:

Definition for the formula of decrease:

Separatist competitive model


= infinite global decrease – is an outcome of continualy declining value or merit, depleting over time what was originally there personally, socially and environmentally as a result of ego consciousness that is being given form through unhealthy relationships.

  = global ego consciousness – is the limiting collective consciousness of humanity derived as a result of an unaware mind of society being applied to primary group consciousness. Ego consciousness does not like being vulnerable in any way and is comforted by having control over others.

 = relationship – humans exist in relationship to each other and all other things. Consciousness is given form through all forms of relationship. Unhealthy and limiting relationships are formed through ego consciousness.

= unaware mind throughout society relates to what already exists. It is undisciplined, harbours unchallenged beliefs, operates from learnt behaviour without context of understanding and predominantly developes a practical intelligence to function in the world that we are born into.

 = primary group consciousness is reactive and naturally resorts to using the primitive tools of our human nature: defensiveness, anger, blame, criticism and selfishness to operate by and to navigate the world, especially when challenged.

*See full equation document above for detailed explaination.

Glossary of terms:

Definitions for the formula for increase

Unifying co-creation model


=  Infinite global increase is the infinitely appreciating value of what is being co- operatively produced, from and for humanity, as a result of an elevated global consciousness that is being given form through ubiquitous healthy relationships.

Thus allowing for far more advanced lives to be exponentially created for us all due to the sum of what can be  harmoniously achieved together, with nature, being infinitely greater than the results of individualistic effort.

= Elevated Global consciousness – the collective consciousness of humanity that is elevated as a result of integrated global awareness ( of self, society and environment) which is then being subjected to the higher conponents of human spirit.

This is humanities true North

  = ubiquitous healthy relationships – due to an elevated global consciousness the way humans relate to each other and all things has become healthy.

= global Awareness, individuals globally becoming increasingly aware personally, socially and environmentally to direct new outcomes. Questioning and directing the thinking of the mind and the actions derived from learnt behaviour. Aware of what the mind has learnt, the context to and structure of society and what constructive and destructive potential this all holds.

= Human spirit – this essence inherent in us all, uses higher level tools (love forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity) to form and shape all relationships. Tools that are harder to master at first, but induce feelings and outcomes of contentment, happiness and  joy.

*See full equation document above for detailed explanation.