What Needs To Be Done

1. The promotion of   as a universal principle concerning all we create.


2. The development of the ‘Spirit of Humanity’  through using our higher level tools of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity to create a sense of global family or global citizenship.


3. Sharing information for the purposes of raising awareness leading towards:

  • Greater global understanding of what it is to be human, humanity’s history, the state of our present social structures, the impact of human belief systems and advanced context of the world in which we live – ourselves, our societies, our environment and our biosphere.
  • A clear insight into our interconnectedness with all living things
  • A family based perspective of humanity, including a sense of collective purpose
  • The provision and establishment of information resources,such as this website, to provide increasingly integrated information guides for people to refer to and contribute to.


4.  To create inspiration to encourage humanity’s brightest future:

  • Vision for Humanity is developing 10 inspirational Visions to help inspire and catalyse the direction of society’s key social constructs. Help us to engage leading ideas and then provide easy access to like minded support networks, resources, and tools concerning the positive advancement of our existing social constructs: Business, Economy, Education, Family and Community, Health, Law, Media, Politics,Religion and Self.

Help us co-create these Visions, the guiding direction being:

Biospherically Correct (business) –  A new global perception concerning our relationship with everyday products and services.

Biomimic Economy (economy) –  A  life generating and imitating economy.

Integral Education  (education) – To bring forth understanding of what it is to be a self determining human through the holistic seeking, evaluating and applying of knowledge.

Visibility (family and community) – Where everyone’s needs are met enabling the desire for worthwhile contribution.

Biofeelia  (health) – A lifestyle consensus that creates increasing wellbeing for humanity and the planet

Universal Truths  (law) – An accord of Universally Held Truths relevant to all people times and places that underpin all of our social agreements.

Metamorphic Media  (media) – Existing for the purpose of elevating global consciousness through all forms of information and entertainment.

Global Elevation Indicator  (politics) – Co-created policy and governance committed to holistically elevating the well being of people’s lives globally.

Presence  (religion) – Pathways to presence that prepare us for the full experience of being one with all else.

I = ER   (self) –  The power to purposefully create a sensational life for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resulting in Genuine Personal Increase.


5.  The establishment of initiatives to help show the way –  to develop and establish initiatives concerning each of these inspirational Visions as a means to demonstrate the practicality and potential of each Vision.

The first initiative is already in motion! Vision for Humanity is really excited about its first initiative, Biospherically Correct, which is the result of the Vision for Business and underpins the entire make up of Vision Products. Vision Products serves as the practical demonstration of the Vision for Business and is the main fundraising vehicle for VFH.


6.  The gradual, co-operative, re-creation of humanity’s social constructs:  

Through the establishment of an accord of ‘Universally Held Truths’ (Law) relevant to all people, times and places, humanity underpins a new echelon of organising principles and social agreements which pave the way for all of our other key societal constructs,  properly serving all of earth’s family.

The function of each of our social constructs being to harmoniously align together for advanced social structrure and, in turn, the full opportunity and developement of each individual.