What You Can Do

1. View ‘Understanding’ of each Vision. Begin to understand and contribute to the context, origins, present state, challenges and positive directions of each existing social construct that perpetuates the current state of humanity and the planet. Learn how they came to form the world we live in.

2. Contemplate and contribute to the Visions for each construct.

3. Contemplate the Key Shifts necessary in order for each Vision to unfold. (view Key Shifts of each Vision)

4. Contribute to ‘What Needs to be Done’ under each Vision.

5. Support the VFH initiatives relevant to each Vision and participate in their development.

6. Develop your own such like inititatives, no matter how small, to positively effect your immediate world.

7. Support the action groups and charities whose aims align with VFH. (See ‘Organisations’ under each Vision)

8. Create your own ripple effect by becoming a VFH Global Citizen and add to Global Increase on our planet by becoming a new thought ambassador utlising all of your ‘I=ER’ understanding. Positively impact others by your more conscious thoughts and actions through all of your interactions and endeavours.

9. Share with others about this movement, help create a world of increasing peace, prosperity and joy.

10. Visit “What you can do” of each of the other Visions for more day to day specific actions