Trustees & Associates

Kim Larking


Kim Larking successfully established himself as one the most influential model management agents in New Zealand, scouting and managing many of the country’s most recognised international models during his 20 year career. Find out what has motivated him over the last ten years to develop Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trusts.

Lance Strong


Lance has an extensive background in the international corporate world and the martial arts He has been involved in the martial arts for over 50 years and been an instructor for the past 31 years. He is the founder of Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts International, a system with over 17 Schools throughout New Zealand, and schools in Australia and Great Britain.

Tim Chansy


With a background in Tech Support and Learning & Development, Tim assists Vision For Humanity as a bridge between the business and technology aspects of the charity's operations. Tim weaves the Visions into the fabric of his personal and professional life. He actively volunteers and is an advocate of walking/biking, urban farming, food justice and restorative sentencing. As a livelihood, Tim runs simpLEARN solutions, an eLearning and multimedia marketing company, with the philosophy of nurturing collaborative relationships with customers, partners and the community by being transparent, respectful and socially-minded.

Anthony Raizis


Tony Raizis received his PhD at Otago University. His research interests are in cancer genetics, the molecular mechanisms and nutritional risk factors associated with the onset of cancer, genetic diseases and aging. Dr Raizis also has interests in environmental issues, and sustainability. Kim was drawn to Anthony’s work while seeing his views expressed in a Christchurch newspaper article detailing the importance of foods in ones diet as a means to ward off disease later in life. Furthermore Anthony’s extensive knowledge of the associations and impacts, on a global level, between food, human population, health and environment are invaluable and very pertinent to the work that we are endeavouring to make available to the public.

Salvatore Lauria


In honour of Salvatore Lauria. Salvatore passed away on the 2nd of April 2017. Salvatore was a brilliant psychologist and educator, deeply committed to encouraging his fellow humans to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well. Salvatore was commitment to helping others develop healthy behaviours for fully functional well-being. He was always positive and excited about humanities emerging global consciousness and its potential for creating a world socialculture that actively harmonises our fellow humans with each other and the planet. Salvatore was a qualified clinical psychology, had worked as a private councillor in New Zealand, instructed psychology at a community college in central California and then ran a practice in Australia before his passing. It is with great appreciation for his influence upon VFH that we remember him - his lively spirit and deep will to make the world a better place. He would say; 'do not mourn over my passing for what benefit is that to you or how does that really celebrate my life, instead be all you can be and grow - stand on the shoulders of others and advance, in this way you truly honour and remember me.' Thank you Salvatore for your all that you freely gave and may you be in a wonderful place.