Vision For Media


Metamorphic Media

Existing for the purpose of elevating global consciousness through all forms of information and entertainment

Visualise a world where the media induces mental / emotional well-being and social cohesion.

Where we understand the influence and social impact of media consumption whether it be news articles, documentaries, film, advertising, television programmes, kids stories and games, social media, music or art. Knowing that we are what we consume, the principle objective of all media is to elevate global consciousness.

Where mass media proactively engages in the work of aiding social unity and environmental preservation. Important stories, issues, news and events are based on information which is unbiased, well researched, derived from accurate historical record and objectively presented in full context. Mass media that enables greater insight so that differences can be comprehended, lessons learnt and positive directions realised.     

Where the inter-connection made possible through the World Wide Web is used for the higher purpose of positively and collectively organising A Successful Planet.

Where entertainment media is instrumental in awakening each of us to the grandest vision of ourselves and the beauty of life.

Where the influence of pop culture stirs inspiration within us to seek the elements of life that lead to Geniune Personal Increase and is therefore justified in defining what it means to be contemporary.

In this world materialism is an environmentally friendly fabric, music is the glue that binds our souls together, fashion is the beautiful way that we speak to each other, social media is a vehicle for authentic public opinion and debate and the best drug is the serotonin rush of spontaneous laughter.

Through film, television and music video we artistically illustrate the value of sensitivity, glorify acts of kindness and relay achievements of the human spirit. We ‘keep it real’ by sharing genuine heart felt stories that deepen social bonds and portray the difference each one of us can make.

Metamorphic Media that gives a voice to the stories of individuals who have triumphed over adverstiy, empowering others to rise above their limitations.

Children’s electronic games simulate the happiness found through constructively engaging the mind with play that leads to inclusiveness, acceptance and friendship.

This is a world where our advertising respects the impressionability of our youth and supports the guardianship role of parents.

Where we consciously feed our society messages of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity.


Media that enlightens

Media  that stirs our inspiration

Media that helps us to understand who we are

Media that helps us to enter into the experience of others

Media that helps us to see past the choices that we have before us

Media that helps us to successfully establish Visionaires & a sense of global family


Metamorphic Media that helps to establish a fertile ground of understanding from which the seed of A Successful Planet can grow.


Metamorphic Media helping establish –  A Successful Planet

Co-create this Vision with us – let us know what a Vision for Media would mean to you.

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