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A feeling of vibrant well-being arising from a lifestyle consensus recognising the bio-interdependence between our health and that of the planet.

Imagine consistently feeling a vibrancy of life that defies your biological age.

Waking each morning full of vitality, with a positive outlook and living that way to well over 100 years of age. Where we enjoy an on going state of balance and regeneration. Where laughter and a freshness of body and mind signify the authenticity of our health.

Most importantly, we maintain our suppleness in order to participate fully in life. We possess personal energy and strength developed through longevity sports and the challenge of the outdoors. We sustain our confidence by believing that life is to be enjoyed.

We keep an open heart and allow our minds to stay clear and sharp by letting go of worries. We purposely nurture and cherish positive thoughts and emotions fueling healhy cellular regeneration and fortifing our physiological health.

We live longer by knowing that less is actually more. We are satisfied by eating mindfully and appreciating the goodness of every mouthful supplied from nature’s garden.

Ultimately, we appreciate that we can only be as healthy as the planet from which we draw our most vital components: air, water, food and a sense of biophillia – the intrinsic wellbeing that comes from our connection with nature. As such, our planet is just as healthy as we are.

Through this bio-interdependence we feel our connection to the life force that flows throughout the planet and into us: through healthy soils and seas that give us nutrient rich organic food, through clear skies that fill our lungs with clean air, through cleansing rivers of fresh water that pass through our physical bodies and through the energy of the sun that passes through the biological chains of life and into our cells.

Using marine reserves, corridor eco parks, and by protecting migration routes and our hydrological cycle in a Biospherically Correct manner and by establishing the Global Produce Model from our Biomimic Economy, we have created a world where we can drink from any stream, the soil is vibrantly alive, the sea teams with life and biodiversity flourishes the world over.

In this world biodiversity is exulted as the Superpower, being our foremost global security stragety, and we as stewards of the biosphere rest in this peace of mind.

We call this experience Biofeelia – bio (life) feelia (state of feeling), a vibrant feeling state of mental, emotional, physical and environmental well-being that we personally enjoy and share with the planet. A ‘feel good’ lifestyle consensus providing for all through an ecological foot print that enables the carry capacity of the planet to be sustained.

Having everything we need, we are in tune with our bodies and experience them as self-healing systems. We take responsibility for our own health and employ pre-emptive care which allows our emotional and physical immune systems to remain effective and strong.

Should we require them, we utilise the natural wonders of remedies produced from nature’s pharmacy to preserve and support our body’s intrinsic desire for homeostasis.  

We naturally approach any personal health issue that may arise in a Bio-logical (life – logical) manner. Respectful of the mind body connection, imbalances are treated for their emotional origins not only their physical symptoms.

We have embraced health care tenets which strengthen our global human immune system through the responsible prescription and use of pharmaceutical drugs, alleviating the need for dependency based treatments and services.

Our health care system is proactively preventitive, engaging in the provision of opportunities to further our knowledge base regarding preserving our health.

The focus of restorative medicine is, in practise, a symbiotic blend of natural and conventional medicines or treatments that account for the mental emotional, physical and environmental factors influencing the health of a person.

Seeing the whole person is therefore understood to be paramount to restoring health. Now we have insight to the health requirements of the individual and, more importantly, have successfully illuminated the true context of the health needs prevalent in society – another step towards ensuring Visibility for everyone.



Biofeelia helping to establish –  A Successful Planet


7. All Health; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ecological, is bio-interdependent between people and planet – bestowing a powerful life force of positive feeling states, vitality and longevity.

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