Vision For Education


Integral Education

To bring forth an understanding of what it is to be a constructively self determining human through the holistic seeking, evaluating and applying of knowledge.

Visualise a world in which education is based upon the holistic development of the child leading to the understanding of the self, as the guiding principle underpinning all educational experiences and developmental opportunities the child is exposed to.

Where ‘schooling’ is understood to be a happy and individualised, emotional, intellectual and physical development process of increasing awareness. This process is consciously assisted and nurtured by all significant adults and institutions that impact the child, protecting the child’s right to their own organic growth process towards personal wholeness.

And having been educated outside of the constraints and educational demands of the current economic system our children, through their refined human capital value, not only significantly enhance our economy but grow to be ideally placed to positively reform it.

Their influence is regarded as being invaluable to the fluidity of the economic base which thrives with creative, adaptable, effective and engaged individuals who are instrumental in propelling the advancement of our society.

These are Individuals who feel valued and included by society and who, in turn, value themselves, seek to express their sense of worth to their family and community and wish to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for society as a whole. 

In this world our children truly are our greatest investment and have rightfully become recognised as our greatest global asset. The collateral benefit of Integral Education is evident through fully integrated individuals:

who understand the context of knowledge gained and have the skills to apply it.

who, being equipped with a solid understanding of themselves, and the context of the world in which we all live, are able to constructively build healthy relationships personally, socially and throughout their chosen fields of engagement.

who, having the necessary aptitude, create a self sufficient life for themselves of Genuine Personal Increase.

who, being inherently good and sustaining a deeper understanding of humanity, desire to protect the sanctity and beauty of all of life, securing true wealth for the entire global family.  

and who, for example, possess the wisdom to navigate the world ahead and are able to make delicate and sophisticated decisions, in view of what it means to be human, concerning imminent future challenges (supply of food, oil, water), including that of advanced technologies such as genetic enhancement, artificial intelligence (the Singularity) and the integration of biological and artificial intelligence.

An education system that empowers young people to become extraordinary Visionaires who naturally choose to experience a life of compassion and happiness.

Individuals who become the difference.


Integral Education helping to establish – A Successful Planet


6. Our future requires us to use our best ‘Philosopher Kings’ to teach an integral education expanding contextual intelligence from truth, of self and societal construct, to enable our children advanced literacy for all.

Vision For Humanity

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