Vision For Law


Universal Truths

An accord of Universally Held Truths relevant to all people, times and places that underpin all of our social agreements.

Visualise a world of grander awareness, where from a higher consciousness comes an accord of Universally Held Truths relevant to all people, times and places. Truths leading to Organising Principles which in turn underpin our local and global social agreements to most successfully and positively organise our world. An unshakable foundational base of law from which new commercial and political agreements become recognised as pathways to disarm, create peace, provide sustenance, hope and opportunity for all people of the world. 


Universal Truths helping establish –  A Successful Planet


  Co-create this Vision

 1. Let us know what a global Vision for Law would mean to you.

 2. Submit what you believe to be Universal Truths, the important Organising Principles that would evolve from these Truths and then the subsequent Social Agreements that would materialise as a result (see lists of proposals below for a starting guide).

 3. Create potential chains of ideas from these Truths, Organising Principles and Social Agreements:

For instance, consider these examples:

All life is sacred (Universal Truth), we all have a right to free, clean air and water (Organising Principle), these vital resources should be freely available to everybody (Social Agreement) ?

Love is essential (Universal Truth), in having our needs met we are all inherently good, justice should be based upon restorative principles (Organising Principles), that crime be treated by rehabilitation centres in which the more serious the crime the more intense the need for love, nurturing and the opportunity for responsibility to restore the individual to a fully functioning human being (social agreement) ?


 Resource lists

– Potential Universal Truths   (a foundation base of truth from which to form Organising Principles)


All life is sacred

Love is our essence

Love is essential

We are all spiritual beings

Consciousness is the ground of all being

We are all creators

All things in the Universe seek a natural state of balance and harmony

Nothing exist in isolation


– Potential Organising Principles (principles that would enable agreements to be formed and executed in global society). A world where all peoples needs are met by a cooperative social structure:


All people are family and the Earth is our home

We are all interdependent, with each one having self responsibility

All natural systems and organisms are interdependent -you cannot alter a part without altering the whole

All sentient beings (able to perceive and feel things) have varying degrees of feelings and emotions and have social needs

We all have a right to free, clean air and water

All people have unique gifts and special skills to offer

We all require the opportunity to be creative. We all need to have a purpose in life (higher purpose) and be involved in a creative process

As love is essential, society should therefore be based upon restorative justice

Every child has a natural desire to learn about themselves and the world around them

We all require access to on-going knowledge and learning

Happiness is a vital social requirement

We are all fundamentally good

When people’s basic needs are fulfilled they tend to act in socially constructive ways

In the absence of fear, and when within a state of security, people will naturally demonstrate compassion

We all need to feel included and to have opportunities to interact socially

We all require the freedom to explore our spirituality in our own way

We all have the right to freedom of expression with respect to the rights of others

That regardless of financial standing, individuals have equal rights and influence in society and political arenas

The success of a society is based upon the quality of life of the most vulnerable

Preservation of cultural diversity is vital to Earth’s societies

That legitimate ownership and control of vital resources be based on socially and environmentally responsible actions

We all have a right to adequate nutrition and the genetic code of all food resources

We all have exclusive rights to our own mind (R.O.M.- Right Of the Mind) and our personal thoughts

We all have exclusive rights to our personal DNA

All sentient beings should have exclusive rights to their DNA


– Potential Social Agreements  (examples of agreed law that would enter global society).


What would these agreements be?

See examples above in chain of ideas.


8. All Law must be anchored in Universal Truths which are relevant to all people times and places and identified by a justice which brings forth the individual and society.

Vision For Humanity

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