Vision For Family & Community



Where everyone’s needs are met enabling the desire for worthwhile contribution

Imagine a world where every person enjoys a sense of genuine belonging within the community and is visible. Utmost in our minds is the importance of what it means to raise a child which weaves through every aspect of our community. An abundance of time allows family bonds to remain strong. Equal opportunity for all youth is apparent; lifting attitudes and horizons.

All of us have developed the great skill of listening and through this we are able to enter into the experience of others. Constructive dialogue is alive and well and people look confidently into each other’s eyes as they speak. The elderly are engaged in sharing their stories, insights and lessons learnt so all may prosper from their equanimity and accumulated wisdom.  

In this world you can walk down any street feeling safe and well. All people have social status as everyone is valued as a vital part, contributing an important role regardless of ethnicity, age, or ability.

Every community has a resident joyologist to teach and orchestrate activities designed to increase the sum of our human happiness. Random acts of kindness, positive gestures and smiles form a tangible currency. The community resonates from our creative efforts of organising festivals, sports events, art activities, and life skill courses. There is no crime or gangs because laughter, fun and vibrancy fill the parks, schools, streets, theatres and homes.

All physical and emotional needs are met through the support networks and initiatives of the community which acts under the umbrella of our greater Biomimic Economy. We are immediately sustained by our local environment; we eat food from our own gardens and the community is ingeniously resourceful at utilising eco- processes. The whole built form is an incredible eco-social design which is bio-integrated into the natural surroundings. Transport routes, buildings, houses, parks, walkways are laid out to ensure easy access and the pleasure of social cohesion. The landscape is filled with a bounty of native trees, birds, animals, and natural waterways.

The emphasis is to learn directly from our surroundings through interactions involving each other, other species and the environment. Engaging with nature throughout daily life, kids play and get dirty. Natural highs come from peak experiences (not substances) where we are challenged by the natural elements of outdoor pursuits.

We experience abundance through spending less but having more; understanding the value of uplifting experiences and appreciating the sentiment of personally made gifts. Recognising that beyond our basic needs, much of our happiness is derived from the quality of our daily exchanges with our family and community.


Visibility helping to establish –A Successful Planet


6. Everyone’s needs can be met; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through both love and science – we are all visible and significant, equally sharing in an accountability to participate and inspire.

Vision For Humanity

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