Vision For Economics


Biomimic Economy

A life generating and imitating economy

Visualise a world where humanity’s balance sheet is determined by the fish in the sea, trees in the forest, depth of top soil, clean air and water, stable climate and the health and well-being of our fully functioning Global Family. A paradigm which encompasses a new sense of wealth where richness is measured by attributes beyond those which are materialistic. A psychological shift that provides the basis for calmer, more realistic progress without demand for conspicuous consumption, compounding corporate profits and ever increasing gross world product (GWP).

Where GPI (Gross Progress Indicator) replaces GWP (Gross World Product) as a more genuine gauge of economic furtherance. A well planned Vision for Humanity Global Produce Model logically provides, in a sustainable manner, enough organic food, fibre and materials for all people of the earth.

Where our lifestyles are greatly improved through the responsible commercial use of Biomimetic technology that capitalises on the wealth of design and organisational systems found in nature. Ubiquitous clean energy from the elements (solar, tidal, wind and geothermal) power an ecosystem styled economic infrastructure. Self sufficient cells of domestic mini-economies lessen the demand on supplies, energies and waste regeneration, allowing each cell to be independently responsible while contributing its surplus to the greater need.

Biosphercially Correct services compliment this greater economic system. This is an economy established on the virtues of Universal Truths. One that functions as a result of true democracies which restore, and hold sacred, those resources needing to be utilised and shared across all boundaries.

Social trust is evident through transparent economic interdependence where all peoples are appropriately considered and involved in the opportunities of large scale business endeavours, advanced technologies and any pertinent intellectual property relevant to them.

Where inbuilt stewardship for the natural environment, and all cultures, creates valuable relationships in which all needs are met to achieve personal economic freedom through satisfying work and fair exchange, and where an inclusion of the ‘love economy’ (currently unpaid family and community services) forms the value base from which all prosperity occurs.

An economy where profits wisely cycle back to further enhance the life blood of our incredibly wealthy world; our natural and human capital.

-Where industry is rewarded for aiding natural and human capital and is taxed for depleting it, helping to uplift this ‘externalised’ cost from society.

 Where mindful eco/social investments make up our investment portfolios in place of stocks that inevitably drain our ‘Nature/Human Inc.’ balance sheet long term.

– Where investment is engaged wholeheartedly in people’s health, intelligence, cultural attributes, social enhancement and cohesion – Biofeelia, Integral Education and Visibility.

– Where we enjoy the long-term efficiencies of having a fully functioning, advanced society of healthy, knowledgeable and engaged individuals.

– And where this advanced society is rewarded with long-term savings in medical care and law enforcement.

A Biomimic Economy that significantly produces a world where outside of natural catastrophe, there is no need for charity or gestures of international aid and which intrinsically produces an ever improving state of our G.E.I. (Global Elevation Indicator). 


Biomimic Economy helping to establish –  A Successful Planet

Vision For Humanity

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