Vision For Self


Version: To own for one’s self / Vision for Self_ Version_ empower another

I accept the power to purposefully create a sensational life for myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resulting in Genuine Personal Increase.

I am witness to myself discovering my infinite potential, becoming fully aware, vibrantly awake and empowered to create the life for myself that I truly want. A life which is genuinely returning to me the things that matter most; an accumulating abundance of love, wealth, health and happiness.

Instead of reacting to the world I am truly a creator of it. I am completely conscious of my own consciousness. Through greater awareness and choosing to use my higher level (and transformative) tools of my human spirit, I know my true north and continue to create for myself:

a mind that truly supports me

a source of emotional & spiritual well-being

a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction through really enjoyable everyday interactions

truly meaningful interdependant personal relationships

greater personal accomplishment & financial reward

physical health & vitality

a depth of self worth

I love my life !

I am solidly connected to my personal power so as to experience and navigate with confidence every situation with certainty and belief in myself. I fully accept and respect who I am, and who I am becoming! I eat the healthiest food, cherish regular exercise, seek greater knowledge and have become positively curious and open to knowing what makes me who I am –  all of which is obtaining more and more ‘wealth’ for me.  

In valuing all others in my life, I understand the power my words and actions have upon them. I establish quality friendships, invest in my community and take an interest in my incredible planet. I am a Visionaire. I understand how important my interactions are in the world – how powerful I truly am.

I understand I am in an incremental process of conscious transformation, a miracle that is unfolding the true me, where I am shifting from unconscious mis-creation to conscious and constructive creation – a sensational way of constructing my personal world.

Now I live in the moment of creation understanding that I can use my creative power every moment of the day. With this abundance I give myself all that I need to create a solid base of fulfillment, which in turn provides for othersI realise to give is to create goodness in my life – I constantly give to myself and others a smile, good food, words of love, forgiveness and encouraging thoughts. I seek knowledge on the subjects of which I need to learn and grow, so as to eventually help and share.

This ‘miracle’ I am experiencing is simply a shift in consciousness; a way of living, being the greatest gift that I can give to myself and the greatest gift that I can give the world.

My path represents outcomes of genuinely increasing personal value, incrementally adding over time to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

And what A Successful Planet  I see when encountering other individuals also choosing to create in this authentic way.

Individuals that perhaps I helped awaken to their true selves. 

It started within me.


Co-create this Vision with us: let us know what a Vision for Self would mean to you


I=ER helping establish – A Successful Planet

Vision For Humanity

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