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Vision for Humanity

is a charitable trust that helps empower people to be more conscious in all thought, word and action. We believe in an authentic shift in global thinking to co-operatively advance all of our social constructs to create “A Successful Planet.”

You are a part of our vision
what most uniquely defines humanity is our incredible ability to create; we are all creators. Vision for Humanity believes that YOU are a creator.

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feel empowered in a rapidly changing world and,

We invite you
as a constructive co-creator, to be a dynamic part of a Global Family that thinks and plans together into the future as one.

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    We advocate your potential
    for Genuine Personal Increase, believing that you have the power to create a sensational life for yourself; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which inexorably results in every other person, and the planet, being better off than what they originally were.

Our Mission
“To be a catalyst to elevate global consciousness.”

Our Vision
“A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour.”

Our Universal Key

Experience the magnitude of this universal equation to consciously create our world, discover it’s significance here and capture the power of  I = ER in your life to accumulate an abundance of love, wealth, health and happiness. Join Vision for Humanity and be a part of a powerful shift in global thinking.

Vision for Humanity acts in providing: information to raise awareness, inspiration through its Visions, and Initiatives to put these Visions into constructive practice.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

To be a catalyst to elevate global consciousness.

Our Vision

A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour.

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Join VFH, become a Visionaire, capable of capturing this Vision for Humanity to co-create this future. Play an important role in helping to elevate global consciousness. Be a part of a tipping point leading to the creation of a successful planet.

1st tipping point milestone Reach 99,000 people willing to help elevate global consciousness by becoming a VFH Visionaires.
2nd tipping point milestone: Reach 800,000,000 VFH Visionaires who collectively, as a global family, unshakably believe a successful planet is possible.

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1st Tipping Point Milestone
2nd tipping point milestone

Vision For Humanity


When the attributes of love, forgiveness, tolerance and integrity, fall on a fertile soil of understanding, then the seed of a successful planet will grow. Here we present a synergistic Vision For Humanity that draws upon ten individual Visions relating to the social constructs of this world – each Vision being harmoniously fruitful in itself.

Vision For Humanity

A Vision for Humanity world is a home on Earth where the collective magnificence within humankind is liberated, to achieve and to shine.

It is a world awakened from the wisdom of an awareness revolution.

A world that understands and preserves the treasure of the human spirit and chooses to engage in its higher components of loveforgivenesscompassiontolerance and integrity as tools to create and sustain all that is.

The effect of this, is a world where we honour ourselves, each other and all life. Elevating the collective consciousness of humanity, we have paved the way for our world to be harmoniously re- created beyond our greatest hopes and imagination.

With this Elevated Global Consciousness   our concept of relationship has become ubiquitous  and enrobes a relevance to self, each other, the environment and all that we create, ensuring that all of life’s needs are met while forming our successful planet, Earth, our home.

In this world everyone innately understands that it is these precious relationships which enable our continuous advancement and state of peace, prosperity and joy. A way universally understood and represented here as:

This is a world where we not only have the power to create a genuinely better life for ourselves, which inexorably results in every other person (and the planet) being better off than what they originally were……

but a wonderful world of global family where we encounter others also choosing to engage in this positive energy to create fields of reciprocal consciousness that produce Infinite Global Increase   allowing for far more advanced lives to be realised for us all.

In this world we have liberated humanity’s collective potential harnessed within the power of consciously creating together. This Increase is ultimately evident through the alignment of all of our newly co-created social constructs: SelfEducationBusinessEconomyPoliticsLawReligionMediaHealthFamily and Community. All of which work in unison to enhance our abundance of ecological, physical, social, financial and spiritual well-being…..

Vision For Politics


Vision For Education
Integral Education
Vision For Economics
Biomimic economy
Vision For Law
Universal Truths
Vision For Religion
Pathways To Presence

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Vision for Humanity

Vision For Humanity

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